Official Selection - SHORT FILM CORNER at CANNES FESTIVAL 2014
Official Selection - MOTEL X - Short Film Competition
Official Selection - 24fps International Short Film Festival
Official Selection - Cinefringe Film Festival



A story about love and loss. A young couple seeking to recapture the lost magic of their love find themselves on a small sailing boat adrift in the ocean. Soon they will learn about the turnarounds of life and what one can do for survival. Epoh explores the dark sides of believing and drives us along a lost course between sanity and insanity. Minutes turn into hours and hope becomes unbearable, invoking feelings of sparsity and awe. We are left alone hoping against hope ...



Written, Directed & Produced by

Pedro Pinto


Annabel Topham as Julia
Justin Mcliveen as Vincent

Director of Photography Leandro Ferrão

Assistant Director: João Abreu
Assistant Camera : Maria Joao Gonçalves
Music Igor Arrais
Art Director : Alexandra Melão
Editor: Ariadna Fatjo Vilas
Make up & Effects : Nuno Elias
Sound: Cyril Santos
Sound Design: Miguel Raposo Lima




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